Original Tincture – 2000 MG
We want everyone to have access to powerful, high-quality tinctures. The strength of the entourage effect, in which cannabinoids function more efficiently when consumed with additional cannabinoids, is a property of full-spectrum CBD oil. Full-spectrum products have less than 0.3...
Keto Tincture - 750 mg
The coffee is excellent. Coffee is delicious. And with our brand new, traditional, Keto tincture, Coffee meets with CBD and becomes even more healthy! This tincture is pure coffee bean extract packed with a bundle of health benefits. You can...
Ancient Power Tincture - 750 mg
Unleash your body's power and transform it beyond its limits with our brand new, traditional, Ancient Power CBD Tincture. Enriched with the power of black cumin seed oil, this tincture boosts your body's vitality, replenishes your skin, and improves your...
Vision Tincture - 750 mg
The eyes need to be looked after. After all, they are the windows to the soul. Keep your vision high at all times with our new Vision CBD Tincture, enriched with the incredible power of carrot extract. See better, to...
Youth Elixir Tincture - 750 mg
Who doesn't want to look younger? Now, with our brand new Youth Elixir CBD Tincture, you can slow the hands of time and aging or even reverse it. The Youth Elixir CBD Tincture has unlocked the anti-aging powers of pomegranate...
$59.00 $49.90
Relief Tincture - 750 mg
The Relief CBD Tincture was made for exactly what it's called "Relief." This product was created with the natural relieving abilities of the Sea Buckthorn Berry oil to bring relief to your body, both internally and externally. This is a...
Vitality Tincture - 750 mg
Our brand new Vitality CBD Tincture was carefully made with the best natural fenugreek extract for a youthfully energetic and healthy body. Forget about caffeinated energy drinks. This is an all-natural energy drink that brings natural energy to your body...
Classic Tincture - 1500 mg
The actual beneficial potentials of cannabinoids were used to make the Classic CBD Tincture. That means you get the full preventive power of CBDs with every drop of this product. Contains 50 mg CBD per ml. USA-grown hemp. Lab-tested for...
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