Founder's Message

“As with most transformational businesses, OZ Botanical is born out of personal need and the passion to make a real difference. It all started when my 9-year-old daughter’s intracerebral hemorrhage lead to chronic epileptic seizures as well the paralysis of her left side. While trying countless treatment protocols over the years, I also became curious about cause of health problems which has led my interest in healing power of plants and nutrition. We were finally introduced to Hemp in 2017. Following the legalization of Hemp with the 2018 farm bill, I established OZ Botanical to produce the cleanest and purest hemp products in the most consistent manner possible. While this venture in Colorado may appear to be a departure from running a multibillion dollar international construction, trading and tourism conglomerate in Turkey, OZ Botanical operates with the same inherent values that have always been at the core of each of my businesses: unwavering focus on quality, reliability and customer care. Our mission is to offer premium hemp-rich botanicals you can purchase with complete confidence and peace of mind, which is why we are committed to processing only USDA Organic certified hemp, in a pharmaceutical grade, cGMP compliant manufacturing environment. We are also committed to donating a percentage of our revenues to support causes we believe in, including regenerative agriculture, cannabis research and integrative medicine.

I intend to make OZ Botanical a company that my kids, my grandkids and all my friends can be proud of, a company where our employees want to come to work each day, a company with purpose that will impact the world positively.

We are grateful for your interest in our story and for choosing our products.”

Mustafa Gocen,
Founder and Board Member, OZ Botanical

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