OZ Botanical Story

Born out of personal experiences, OZ is led by renowned global industrialists, hemp experts, scientists and entrepreneurs who are propelled by a shared passion to deliver the highest quality products and services

Quality and Compliance at Scale

At OZ Botanical, we are committed to delivering you the safest and cleanest CBD extracts on the market – which is why we process only the highest quality organic certified hemp, in compliance with the strictest manufacturing and regulatory standards, at the scale you need.

Organic Certification

Our entire manufacturing process is fully organic certified from start to finish. This means we start with the highest quality organic certified hemp biomass, carefully selected for purity and high CBD content.

Extraction Process

Our commitment to utilizing only the safest, cleanest and most natural processing techniques is reflected in the extraction and distillation methods we employ.
We use supercritical CO2 extraction for processing our organic certified biomass as we believe it is the most effective method to produce a consistent full spectrum hemp extract, best conserving the plant’s rich cannabinoid profile.
Following extraction, our winterization process uses only certified organic cane-sugar derived ethanol to remove unwanted fats and waxes from our crude extract, leaving a purified hemp oil.
Our distillation process separates out any remaining chlorophyll, pigments and other unwanted compounds; producing a transparent, light-golden, full spectrum distillate that tests anywhere from 90-98% total cannabinoids.


Our rigorous in-line testing procedures ensure the highest standards are maintained throughout every step of our manufacturing process.
By bringing a quality control laboratory in house, we are able to monitor our process more diligently than other facilities, allowing us to deliver a much more consistent, premium product to our customers every time. We also verify purity and potency of each batch with certified third-party lab testing prior to release to minimize any potential risks while maximizing transparency and tracking.


We do not take FDA guidelines lightly and believe all customers deserve safe, clean CBD products manufactured to the most up-to-date requirements, including identity, quality, purity and potency of each batch. It is for this reason we aggressively pursued cGMP certification and worked with an esteemed GMP consulting firm to ensure compliance for every step of our process. Oz Botanical is fully 21 CFR Part 111 and 21 CFR Part 117 compliant, obtaining certifications from.
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